Brace yourself! Lordi are on their way back with new music expected this fall. In a new interview with Spark TV, frontman Mr. Lordi confirms that after a few delays in the recording process, they will return with a new album in September.

"Originally we were supposed to be in the studio [to record the new album] already in December. Then we were supposed to have the album out already in May, last month. But then my father died two weeks before the studio started, so everything [got pushed]. And then there was the Christmas break and the f--king New Year, and we lost our original producer, Mikko Karmila, who was supposed to do it," explains the singer. "We were kind of, like, 'Oh, what the hell do we do now?' So, well, we found Nino Laurenne, who actually produced Deadache eight years ago, nine years ago or something, which was f--king awesome to go back to the same studio ... So it will come out in September."

Mr. Lordi also revealed that the band will have new costumes, as they have done with each album, but the delays have also messed up that schedule a bit, too. "At the same time we were in the studio, I had to start doing the new costumes and masks. But they are almost done; they're 98 percent done now," says the singer.

As for their still-untitled new album, the vocalist says, "We are trying to do something different within the Lordi frame this time. It's like a split album between ourselves. There's two kinds of Lordi material on the album. The first six songs are your classic Lordi kind of stuff -- three- or four-minute songs with hooky choruses and stuff; '80s-orientated hard rock, like the s--t that we're doing. That's our main stuff. But now, the last six songs of the album is gonna be a story."

He continues, "It's our first conceptual half an album — not a full conceptual album, but half of the album is a conceptual storyline with six songs. And musically, also, it's a lot more modern for us. I mean, it's nothing new in the world of music, but, for us, for Lordi, it's completely different. It's more metal. It's more progressive. The songs are eight minutes long, and there are a lot of different parts. And it's a storyline. Because I'm a huge King Diamond fan; I have always been." He went on to describe the lyrical content of the conceptual portion of being about classic old-school monsters and their rivals.

At present, Lordi have a handful of shows scheduled for the summer, but more dates are expected to be announced for October and the fall. See their current stops here.

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