After two weeks of fan voting, Lordi's 'Scare Force One' emerges victorious as Loudwire's November 2014 Release of the Month. The album beat out efforts from big-time acts like Foo Fighters and Nickelback to earn the honor.

'Scare Force One' marks the seventh studio album for Finnish rockers Lordi, who recently unleashed a dynamic video for the title track. The band, known for their monster-like costumes and masks, have built up a devoted following since forming in 1992 and breaking out in 2002 with their hit song 'Would You Love a Monsterman?'

As far as what to expect on 'Scare Force One,' frontman Mr. Lordi says, ”The overall sound of the band is more modern, and we’ve tried out some new tricks here and there. The basic Lordi building blocks are still present, so there’s no shortage of melodic hooks in the songs.”

Lordi's 'Scare Force One' (out Nov. 4 in the United States) is available at iTunes. Congrats to Lordi on winning Loudwire's Release of the Month title for November 2014.

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