There's nothing quite like a Lordi video, and we've got the exclusive North American premiere of the band's new clip for 'Scare Force One,' the title track from their upcoming seventh studio album.

The monstrous Finnish band are back again just one year after releasing the full-length 'To Beast or Not to Beast.' Lordi must have been overflowing with creative juices, because the track 'Scare Force One' is a seriously solid jam, harnessing the band's heavier side while keeping the track anthemic.

”The overall sound of the band is more modern, too, and we’ve tried out some new tricks here and there," says frontman Mr. Lordi. "The basic Lordi building blocks are still present, so there’s no shortage of melodic hooks in the songs."

As for the music video for 'Scare Force One,' the clip begins with a child in a freezing cold room playing with his toys. While the kid plays with his toy jet, hellish scenes play out on a plane up in the sky, which we can only assume is 'Scare Force One.' The video is pure Lordi, mixing horror with a campy feel. Are the plane's passengers zombies, possessed or infected with a flesh eating disease? You'll have to watch and come up with your own conclusions.

The band tells us, "The video was shot in Finland -- written, produced & directed by some young and talented Finnish filmmakers. The video shoots were really easy and relaxed from the bands point of view, compared to the previous shootings that could be really draining and lasted over several nights. The final look of the video is representative of the typical Lordi style, an old-school band video with horror elements. Beautiful!"

Lordi changed up their recording plans for the 'Scare Force One' album, enlisting the help of Finnish producer Mikko Karmila. ”We wanted to make this record in Finland, with a Finnish producer. We finally managed to get Mikko Karmila to work with us, which is great. He has come up as a potential producer for the band on several previous occasions. We’ve had no reason to regret this decision and are extremely happy with the album,” Mr. Lordi states.

Check out the video for 'Scare Force One' above and be sure to grab the full album once it drops on Nov. 4. To pre-order 'Scare Force One' or download the album's title track, click here.