For years, a who's who of rock and roll icons have flocked to Los Angeles' Rainbow Bar & Grill to eat and drink. The eatery, smack dab right in the middle of some of Hollywood's legendary concert clubs, has been a favorite hang for many a musician, but there was likely no rocker more synonymous with the Rainbow than Lemmy Kilmister. As such, the Rainbow Bar & Grill is finding yet another way to pay tribute to their most famous patron.

TMZ reports that the patio area at the Rainbow is in the process of being renovated and when complete it will be re-named "Lemmy's Lounge" in honor of the Motorhead leader. For those who've visited the Rainbow over the years, you could often find Lemmy when he was in town hanging in the area, and the owners are making his favorite barstool a focal point of the redesign.

Lemmy's association with the Rainbow is well known. Shortly before his death, the Rainbow made sure that Lemmy had his favorite game that he often played at the Rainbow transported to his home. And when Lemmy passed away, it was the Rainbow that served as the residence of the massive fan tribute where those who loved the rocker gathered to mourn his death. The outpouring was so great that the streets on Sunset were shut down to accommodate those who wanted to pay their respects at the Rainbow.

There has also been a campaign to erect at $20,000 bronze Lemmy statue at the Rainbow as well. The project is expected to be complete by the end of August. Lemmy Kilmister passed away Dec. 28, just two days after his 70th birthday.

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