Lzzy Hale of Halestorm discussed the #MeToo movement last week at an event promoting the Hall Of Heavy Metal History in Anaheim, CA (as transcribed by Blabbermouth).

Hale spoke about how her upbringing influences how she deals with sexism. "As a woman in this industry, I understand the daily struggle; I go through it myself. I've dealt my entire career with sexist and condescending people. At the same time, I was raised by parents who didn't really put any limitations to my dreams or to my aspirations. As in whether I was a boy or a girl, if you wanna be a rodeo clown or a rock star or a doctor, it doesn't matter — you can do anything. So I was very naïve for a long period of time, because I just had blinders on and just did it. Same thing with my bandmates — I've been with those guys a little over 15 years now and I've never felt like I was viewed as somebody that's just there to pretty up the band or a marketing gimmick; it was always I'm just kind of one of the dudes."

On the #MeToo movement as a whole, she says she believes in supporting other women. "So when those things happen to me, I do kind of brush it off or you internalize. That's the beauty of music too. I feel like, as a girl, I would have reacted or maybe been more depressed about some of the things that would have happened in my life if I didn't have music. So in that aspect, I think it's great that there are girls that are being brave enough to speak out, I think that it's great that there's more awareness of the things that just go on every day, all the time. And I'll continue to support my peers in the rock and roll industry and music and whoever else needs me to do it."

Check out the full video below courtesy of Blaringoutshow.

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