Over the years, there has been an increase in bands utilizing pre-recorded backing tracks to help bolster their live performances, but Halestorm are one of the acts who prefer to provide fans with an experience that is very much in the moment. In a new Instagram posting, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale offers some words of encouragement to the younger generation of musicians, touting the joys of playing without relying on the assistance.

"To perform a live rock show... no tracks, no click, no lip syncing, no trickery... is the most real, pure feeling you can get in this life," says Hale. "To hold the moment in your hand, to know in your bones that this could be magic or a train wreck, depending on how you’ve prepared and the risk you take being onstage... and then trusting in your soul to perform.. that is LIVING in its purest form."

She adds, "I encourage every young musician to expose themselves in this way. Know what it’s like to have the room depend on you to elevate it. Play in front of a room filled with two people and the sound guy... make it sound like u are performing to a stadium instead. It’s the most beautiful way to find yourself as an artist."

Hale concludes, "If you can do all these things and then make it to playing to stadiums and major festivals, that FEELING is an intangible void that cannot be filled with anything on this earth."

Halestorm continue to use the downtime from touring to work on their next album. In a chat with Detroit's WRIF, drummer Arejay Hale revealed that the group members spent a good amount of time writing individually and doing Zoom sessions in 2020, but recently reconvened in the studio to work on songs together.

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