It's March and you know what that means! We've fired up our annual March Metal Madness tournament, and this year we're looking for you to cast your votes to name the Best Debut Metal Album of All Time!

In Round 1 we have 16 matchups featuring 32 debut metal albums from some of the genre's biggest bands as well as the darlings of the underground in an all-out, knock-down fight! We've divided the tournament up into four regions — Headbanger, Mosh Pit, Stage Dive and Devil Horn — where you can vote on classic head to head matchups like Metallica's Kill 'Em All vs. ExodusBonded by Blood as well as some more modern throwdowns with System of a Down's self-titled debut taking on The Dillinger Escape Plan's Calculating Infinity.

See all the matchups in the brackets below and click that red button to start voting in March Metal Madness 2017!

Remember, you can vote once per hour in Round 1 until 10AM ET on Friday, March 17, so vote early and vote often to send your favorite albums to the next round!