Marilyn Manson is currently touring with Slipknot, and during a stop earlier this month in Hershey, Pa. the vocalist delivered a rather bizarre performance, even for Manson standards. As seen in the fan-shot footage above, Manson offered a rather odd rant before performing the song "The Dope Show," occasionally slurring his words, pouring a beer over his mic stand and kicking at a troublesome cord.

Prior to the performance, Manson stated, "I don't talk about Tyler Bates a lot, but I don't know if you know he was a drug trafficker in my mind because schizophrenia is like fun. It's like an orgy, but by yourself and human trafficking is a bitch." He then asked for a "pretty coat" from one of his techs to go along with his stage clothes and yelled out "drugs!" just before starting the track.

During the performance, Manson stumbles a bit onstage, drops to the ground to mop up the floor and tosses the towel in the crowd, growls out some indecipherable vocals, sticks an open beer bottle in the mic stand allowing it to pour out onto the stage and kicks at some of the cords onstage. After the performance concludes, Manson points to the cords and adds, "I don't want to fall on my dick with that cord ... so can you fix it, please? And don't give me that uppity look, because you're not black." It's not clear from the video who exactly Manson was addressing, whether it was a tech or an audience member.

The singer canceled a performance last Thursday (July 21) in Quebec due to illness. Openers Of Mice & Men had already completed the set when the announcement about Manson was made.

Manson is in the process of readying a new album called Say10 that's expected to arrive on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) next year. As stated, he's currently in the midst of a tour with Slipknot and the remaining dates can be found in our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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