Well, we know who Marilyn Manson isn’t voting for today. In a new teaser for Manson’s upcoming “SAY10” music video, the Antichrist Superstar can be seen tearing pages out of a Bible -- and if you pause at just the right moment, you’ll see Manson brandishing the severed head of what appears to be a Donald Trump-like figure.

“Cash is the poor man’s money,” Manson snarls in his “SAY10” clip. The song, which is the title track to his upcoming album Say10, looks to be another solid track from Manson, further cementing his self-prophesied comeback, which began with 2012’s Born Villain and continued into 2015 thanks to The Pale Emperor. Manson’s new wave renaissance has once again brought MM into his creative zenith and “SAY10” seems to find Manson radiant in his modern role as artist and provocateur.

“Either way [Nov. 8] goes, the visuals are meant to create contemplation. Because it’s obviously bigger than just [Election Day],” Manson tells The Daily Beast. “It’s about the desperate acts of people who believe something that is preached by an unbeliever.”

“Right now we’re in such a state of confusion when it comes to religion, politics, sexuality, and how they all tie together, and it’s being turned into a circus and a sideshow—and that’s something that I’ve been described as a ringleader of,” Manson adds. “It seems like a time for me as an artist, and as an American artist, to make something that causes a new set of questions to arise that aren’t simply statements.”

Check out a piece of “SAY10” in the video above. Marilyn Manson’s SAY10 album is tentatively scheduled for a Valentines Day release in 2017.

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