Marilyn Manson has been busy lately with projects outside of his own music. Having just appeared on the 'Talking Dead' broadcast and leaving his own memorable mark on the proceedings, Manson has turned up in another horror-themed medium, though with a little bit of humor thrown in. He's the star of a new 'Funny or Die' clip titled, 'Are These Tales Spooky to You?'

In the video, Manson is blindfolded by a bunch of teens and taken to a campsite where he must impart five scare tales to join their club. But these spooky tales are definitely a little out there. Manson details 'The Dilemma of the Dead,' 'A Haunted Home' and 'What If You Had to Learn How to Use Makeup,' with each story a little more bizarrely humorous than scary. To see the full 'Funny or Die' video, watch above.

In other Marilyn Manson news, the rocker has turned up on a new Avril Lavigne song called 'Bad Girl.' Manson opens the song, creepily delivering the line, "Just lay your head in daddy's lap / You're a bad girl." The singer turns up in other parts of the song as well, adding the perfect amount of corruption to the tune.

Lavigne told MTV that the idea was a last minute thing, but that she knew Manson would be perfect for the song. A late night phone call turned into a 4:30 in the morning recording session and the rest is history. She also revealed another instance hanging out with Manson in which she invited the rocker to help shave the side of her head. To hear Manson's guest work on 'Bad Girl,' hit play below:

Avril Lavigne Feat. Marilyn Manson, 'Bad Girl'