Marilyn Manson has just dropped another new track, “KILL4ME,” from his upcoming Heaven Upside Down album. Taking inspiration from ‘80s new wave and cinematic music, “KILL4ME” is another solid cut from Manson’s newest collection of material.

“KILL4ME” is much different from “WE KNOW WHERE YOU F—KING LIVE,” which went for the full-on aggression of Manson’s classic sound. The newest single from Manson’s upcoming 10th album is much more in the vein of his 2010s material, which reaffirmed the Antichrist Superstar as a creative force in the modern musical landscape.

Manson recently spoke to Loudwire about “KILL4ME.” “'Would you kill for me? / I love you enough so I'll ask you again / Would you kill for me? / You won't be kissing me unless you kill for me.’ It's a great conversation that came to be,” Manson said.

“I don't like songs that ask questions,” he continued. “Some might say ‘Would you kill for me?’ is a question. It's more of a veiled threat than a question. It's an ultimatum, I think. I don't like songs to generally ask questions because it seems not as certain as I feel that I am. I like to tell people this is how I feel, and I might want them to ask questions from it, but I'm not gonna ask the question. It's like a letter, like someone's gonna respond to it.”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Marilyn Manson coming soon.

You can listen to Marilyn Manson’s “KILL4ME” in the Spotify player below. You can also check out the fresh track via iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play. Heaven Upside Down will be released in full Oct. 6 via Loma Vista Recordings.

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