There’s never a dull moment in the world of Marilyn Manson and in a new interview the ‘Born Villain’ talks intimately about the creative process for his new disc, his love of absinthe, and his 'bromance' with Johnny Depp.

As Manson prepares to embark on the co-headlining ‘Twins of Evil’ tour with Rob Zombie in September, he settled in with Vice's music channel Noisey for a video interview to talk about his latest disc. He kicked it off by discussing the origin of the album's name. "I called the record ‘Born Villain’ because coming from a Christian school upbringing you’re taught that you’re born a sinner,” explains Manson. “So you’re a kid, I don’t know really what the sin is unless you’re just covered in blood and you also made your mothers lady parts not the same, potentially, maybe that’s a sin.”

Manson also talked about having his own brand of absinthe now, “mostly because he was drinking so much of it they said why don’t you just make your own label.” However, according to Manson he barely ever drinks his own brand. “Strangely I don’t drink mine too much because it’s too strong,” admits Manson. “That’s a good advertisement - even Marilyn Manson doesn’t drink his own absinthe because it’s too strong.”

Manson reminisced about stocking up on absinthe with Johnny Depp as they prepared for the end of the world in the interview, saying, “Johnny Depp and I, on Y2K when I went there because I thought the world was going to come to an end, just in case, I went to the south of France and we bought every case of absinthe they had in Prague.” He continued, “It was just the burgeoning of our bromance, of our brotherly love for each other. He doesn’t drink that much right now because he’s focusing on other things. I will say that he introduced me to Hunter S. Thompson, and Hunter S. Thompson said he was the only person he was afraid of that could take him down.”

And in what may be the closest thing to a public service announcement that the world will ever get from Marilyn Manson, he advised viewers, “What I’ve learned, here’s my advice over the ages – drink and do drugs when you’re in a good mood, not when you’re in a bad mood.”

Watch the Marilyn Manson Interview with Noisey