Mark Tremonti is a man of many bands and the guitarist says that reuniting the Creed lineup is not necessarily high on his list of things to do right now. In a new interview with Alternative Nation, Tremonti reveals that he recently did cross paths with Scott Stapp and they had a good talk, but that a Creed reunion is not in the offing at present.

"My life is just so busy right now it would be hard for me to do anything else," says Tremonti. "There were some [Creed] songs we worked on before things went south. On the last tour, we didn't see eye to eye to say the least, and then we put a halt on any new music. We had already gotten about nine or ten songs ready to go. [But] it just doesn't make sense for me though, having two new Tremonti records, a new Alter Bridge record and Myles will have a new Slash record. A Creed record would be just too much stress."

As for his recent meeting with Stapp, the guitarist reveals it happened by chance as he was celebrating his wife's birthday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Stapp's family was staying there on vacation. He says, "We were walking out to the pool and he saw us. We ended up talking for an hour and a half. He was clean and sober and well. He was happy. His family seemed happy." As well documented, Stapp had a meltdown late last year fueled by drugs and a battle with bipolar disorder.

Tremonti adds, "We've had a few texts since then. I think there's talk about Wind-Up Records putting out a box set, so I'm sure we'll communicate to make sure that turns out well."

As stated, the guitarist has plenty on his plate. He reveals that the plan is for Tremonti to tour through the end of the year, then he's going to take some time to rejoin Alter Bridge in the studio in early 2016 to record their next album. "It always takes a few months to put out an album and master it," says the guitarist. "That's when we'll split off again and Myles and I will go off and do our touring with Slash and Tremonti, and then come back together for a couple weeks of press before the Alter Bridge tour kicks off."

So keep an eye out for Tremonti splitting his time between Alter Bridge and Tremonti in 2016.

Mark Tremonti Discusses His Relationship With Scott Stapp

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