After Creed's first breakup, frontman Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti went their separate ways. Stapp embarked on a solo career, while Tremonti focused on Alter Bridge and eventually his own eponymous project. The relationship between the two has become famously complicated, and Tremonti himself addresses the situation in this exclusive clip.

During Mark Tremonti's recent visit to our studio, we asked the guitarist to lay out the full timeline of his relationship with Scott Stapp. We start off back in 1993 when Creed formed. Tremonti speaks about the qualities he first admired about Stapp has a bandmate. According to Tremonti, Stapp's drive and vision were uniquely intense from the very beginning. Tremonti also praises Stapp's early lyrical abilities.

While Creed became one of the world's biggest bands, tension was beginning to take its toll during the Human Clay and Weathered era. Tremonti points out Creed's exhausting tour schedule and frequent negativity from critics as destructive forces which worked against the group, as did the increasingly serious drug abuse from Stapp.

After dissolving once again in 2012, Stapp and Tremonti lost contact. Mark was unaware of how bad Scott's drug abuse had gotten, but after Mark was tipped off about Scott Stapp's troubling 2014 videos, the guitarist reached out to his longtime bandmate.

Watch Mark Tremonti tell the full story from his perspective in the clip above!

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