We've got breaking news about Creed frontman Scott Stapp that hopefully points in a positive direction. According to Creed bandmate Mark Tremonti, Stapp both checked into, and successfully completed, a stint in rehab.

In November 2014, Scott Stapp posted a self-made video claiming he was completely penniless and sleeping in his truck. Considering Stapp's history with substance abuse and the singer's overall demeanor in the video, many fans quickly assumed Stapp had fallen off the wagon. Those concerns were quickly supported by divorce papers filed by Stapp's wife, which noted alleged drug use.

Stapp was later placed on psychiatric hold after threatening to kill himself. Stapp stayed for three days, but his estranged wife then sought a 60-day hold for the troubled musician.

Though Stapp's Creed bandmates attempted to reach out and help, the singer continued to spiral downwards. He missed a court hearing, lost custody of his children and a 911 tape surfaced where Scott's wife claimed he was on a mission to assassinate President Obama.

We haven't heard anything about Scott Stapp's condition since December, but earlier today, during an exclusive interview with Mark Tremonti, the guitarist offered a hopeful update on Scott. "Thank God he got through it all and his family got him into treatment. I think he went through a 90-day program. I know he went to get help and now he's out of the treatment, so hopefully he stays sober."

Tremonti added, "Family is the most important thing. You've just got to stay sober and clean and provide for your family and be there for your kids. For me, that's what would always keep me out of trouble."

We'd like to send our best wishes to Scott Stapp and his family during this significant time. Stay tuned for updates on Scott Stapp as news continues to flow in.

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