While the phrase "I'll take Megadeth for 200, Alex" may never be heard on Jeopardy, the legendary act's frontman was referenced on the long-running game show last night (Sept. 25).

In a classical music category, 'Jeopardy' referenced Dave Mustaine’s performance with the San Diego Symphony back in April, with the answer, “In 2014, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine sat in with the S.D. Symphony to play ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ by this man.” The correct question, of course, is "Who is Antonio Vivaldi?"

During that concert, Mustaine also performed Vivaldi's 'Summer,' Richard Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkryies,’ and Bach’s ‘Air” at the concert earlier this year. The orchestra pleased fans in attendance by playing Megadeth's ‘Symphony of Destruction' as Mustaine walked out onstage to begin the show.

Check out a Tweet from Megadeth capturing the blue square on which the Dave Mustaine-inspired answer appeared:

In other Megadeth news, the band’s classic album ‘Rust In Peace’ celebrated its 24 anniversary earlier this week. The effort, which features 'Hanger 18' and 'Holy Wars,' was released back on Sept. 24, 1990. The band has been recording new music. No word on when Megadeth plans to release their 15th studio album.

Fans can order the band’s latest effort 'Super Colliderhere.

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