Mike Portnoy is lauded for his drumming in Dream Theater, some considering him the metal version of Neil Peart. His complex rhythms and ability to change time signatures on a dime earned him his reputation. He also has the uncanny ability to memorize entire albums of drumming from other bands, note for note. While Portnoy has parted ways with Dream Theater, his legacy continues. He recorded and toured with Avenged Sevenfold, and then formed the bands Adrenaline Mob (which he recently left) and the Winery Dogs.

Cynic were a groundbreaking death metal band, incorporating jazz-fusion elements into their extreme sound. They’ve abandoned their extreme roots in favor of a wonderfully unique sound that brings jazz-fusion into a less harsh metallic realm. Anchoring all of this is Sean Reinert with the seemingly overbearing task. He incorporates musical influences from around the world and never stops moving his arms for even a second. The drummer also manned the sticks on the landmark Death release ‘Human’ and brought a new element that stuck with the band for years to come.

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