Linkin Park are in the unenviable position of deciding if or how to continue without one of rock's most identifiable voices, the late Chester Bennington. But in a new interview with Rock Antenne, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda says the band is open to the idea of continuing, though what form that takes has yet to be decided.

"We all thrive making and performing music," says Shinoda. "I know the other guys, they love to be onstage, they love to be in a studio, and so to not do that would be like ... I don’t know, almost like unhealthy."

He added that the band's large fanbase also is something they take into consideration. "As long as that connection and interest is there, I think that is our driving force to figure out Linkin Park," he explained.

When asked about the band's future minus Chester, Shinoda states, "It’s not my goal to look for a new singer. If it does happen, it has to happen naturally. If we find someone that is a great person and good stylistic fit, I could see trying to do some stuff with somebody. I would never want to feel like we are replacing Chester."

Shinoda has been revisiting some of Linkin Park's material while on his solo tour, stating that in doing so his primary goal was to have fans celebrate his late bandmate. That said, it's not a stretch for Shinoda to sing parts that might be more familiar with Chester's voice. He explains, "In the demo stages of our songs, I would always sing my demos. So I would sing the original versions of the songs, and then I would play them for the guys and I would play them for Chester, and then he would re-sing stuff. So getting onstage today and singing one of those songs, it just goes back to the first version of the song."

Hear more of Shinoda's chat with Rock Antenne in the player below, and look for the singer continuing his solo tour next month in Europe. All dates can be found here.

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