As the music world continues to mourn last year's death of Motorhead's legendary frontman Lemmy Kilmister, fans can watch him and his band perform "Bomber" from the upcoming Clean Your Clock live set that is now on schedule for a June 10 release.

Clean Your Clock was filmed last November in Munich, Germany. Motorhead's final concert with Lemmy was on Dec. 11, and he passed away on Dec. 28. In addition to "Bomber," the album includes several other Motorhead classics such as "Overkill," "Orgasmatron" and "Ace of Spades."

The disc will be available in numerous configurations including a standalone CD, DVD with CD, Blu-ray with CD and colored double vinyl in gatefold with pop-up art. In addition, there will be a box set containing the aforementioned vinyl, DVD, audio CD and Motorhead metal medal along with a limited edition box set with the option of a silver or gold medal and digital download.

Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee have been helping pay tribute to their fallen bandmate, joining fellow musicians onstage at various times to play Motorhead classics. Campbell recently played alongside Metallica bassist's Robert Trujillo's Mass Mental, ripping through "Ace of Spades" and "(We Are) The Road Crew." Dee will also be filling in for the Scorpions on a dozen dates or so on their upcoming North American tour. Campbell and Dee are also planning to take the stage with Saxon in Sweden in September at the ‘Lemmy 500‘ race.

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