To play or not to play -- that is a question that has been bandied about quite frequently over the past week as some acts have canceled dates and full tours in Europe in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack at Le Bataclan while Eagles of Death Metal were playing. Meanwhile others have soldiered on, vowing that the show must go on. Motorhead initially bowed out of a show in France, but more out of a request to do so and respect for the country's national days of mourning. Frontman Lemmy Kilmister spoke in depth about his thoughts on the attack during a chat with Germany's ZDF (which can be seen here).

Recalling the events of Nov. 13, Lemmy stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "We were looking at the TV as it happened and they were filming it. You could still hear gunshots. It's so dumb. Those people are so dumb. What for? Do you think it's gonna be a heroic thing to kill innocent people? A--holes. Cowards."

The vocalist says that Motorhead have played Le Bataclan many a time and it did cross his mind what might have happened, but thankfully nothing happened to them. When asked if the band would have played had it been appropriate, he stated, "I would have gone on the day after. If they [the terrorists] stop you, then they win. And they're not gonna beat me. I mean, I do what I'm supposed to do. If the police cancel, I can't do anything about that. But we didn't cancel it."

Lemmy added, "We've always been vulnerable. Every day you go out the house, you're vulnerable. You're inches from diving under a bus or somebody hitting you over the head for your money. Nothing is safe. Everybody seems to be obsessed with safety. Well, nothing is safe, okay? Nothing! Make the most of it while you're safe now. You won't be tomorrow, maybe."

While Motorhead agreed to bow out of their performance in France right after the attack, the band has continued to rock through Europe. They have dates booked into early December and will return France for shows in Lille and Paris in early February. See their tour schedule here.