Yippie! It might only be Tuesday, but this week is shaping up to be a pretty stellar one so far. It has been a long wait (three years) for Motörhead fans who are used to the band's  routine of cranking out a new album at least every two years since 1991. With the release of 'Aftershock' still a week away, fans can rejoice and stream the full album courtesy of Yahoo! Music (listen below). 

With 'Aftershock,' Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Cambell and Mikkey Dee have put together one vicious album that once again captures the essence of Motörhead. From songs like 'Going to Mexico' to 'Lost Woman Blues,' everything we love about the band is present with even more attitude as Lemmy pushes closer to 70. If you don't believe us, maybe some insight from the band will help bring you around. Cambell commented, “I really think the variation on the album shows that we’ve dug deep and produced some of our best work for a long time.” How's that!?

Everyone is aware of the health problems that have ailed the band's frontman over the course of the year. Most recently, Lemmy opened up a bit more about his health, displaying honesty that his lifestyle is getting harder to maintain. He has the will to push on and keep Motörhead going in spite of being fitted with a defibrillator, diagnosed with diabetes, and suffering a hamatoma , proving he is still the living legend we've all made him out to be.

'Aftershock,' Motörhead's 21st studio album, is out Oct. 22 on UDR Music and is available for pre-order in multiple formats, including a limited edition digipack, a regular CD, and 180 gram single-disc gatefold vinyl.

Click Play Below to Listen to Motörhead's 'Aftershock' Album in Full