We've got a battle of the opposites in Round 2 with the Earth-dwelling Snaggletooth squaring off against the most famous metal mascot outside the galaxy, Ziltoid. One mascot uses fear tactics with a menacing set of teeth and a scornful scowl while the other prefers to abide by the "don't hit me, I'm crazy" mantra.

It was Destruction's Mad Butcher getting a taste of his own cleaver as Snaggletooth sliced and diced him, receiving over 90 percent of the votes in Round 1. The Motörhead mascot is a menacing creature that should surely have the alien Ziltoid a little nervous as things begin to heat up. Snaggletooth has been around for decades and has probably seen it all, until now, as an alien life form steps into the ring to bring the mascot's trailblazing victories to an end.

The results of the first round should come as no surprise, at least to Ziltoid, considering he is omniscient. In one of the most voted on match-ups, Ziltoid took home nearly 60 percent of the votes against Dethklok's Facebones. However, the only thing he should truly know about his matchup in Round Two is that it is going to be a tough one. There's no time to dilly dally perusing the galaxy for coffee when there's an important battle to be won. Devin Townsend's fans are a loyal bunch, so don't be surprised if this one comes down to the wire.

Snaggletooth or Ziltoid? Cast your vote in the poll below!

Voting for this round ends on Friday, Mar. 27 at 8:00 AM ET. Fans can vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure that your favorite metal mascot wins!


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