Myles Kennedy's debut solo album, Year of the Tiger, is a dark one. Despite these overtones, the three singles that have been released, "Devil on the Wall," "Haunted by Design" and the title track have all had an upbeat swagger to them, but the latest song, "Love Can Only Heal," halts this notion.

The mystic, brooding acoustic motif wouldn't be out of place in a classic prog epic, allowing for swells of synths to build elegant rises and falls into the song. Kennedy remains subdued here, taking on an hushed vocal approach as the unnerving tension mounts, finally shattered on the back half of the song with a cavernous drum fill as all of the elements of "Love Can Only Heal" converge for a grand catharsis and exhilarating solo.

The concept for Year of the Tiger surrounds the death of Kennedy's father when he was a child. The singer spoke to Eddie Trunk about his family's Christian Science faith, which prevented his father from seeing a doctor as the belief was that he would be healed by God. "Dad got sick and chose not to go and see a doctor. He died of the appendicitis. He died one night in his sleep because it blew up and gangrene went all over. He didn't know it was [appendicitis] because he wouldn't go and see a doctor. But what is interesting is that he got really sick about eight weeks prior. He was in a lot of pain. So there's a theory it might have actually ruptured then. He may have had gangrene actually for quite a while. But mom woke up one morning and he passed away," he explained.

The album is set for release at the end of the week (March 9) through Napalm Records and pre-orders are available at this location. The supporting tour will feature a career-spanning set, launching on May 2 and you can go here for a list of all upcoming dates.

Myles Kennedy, "Year of the Tiger" In-Studio Acoustic Performance

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