It's been a rough year for Nickelback, who had to bow out lengthy 2015 way sooner than scheduled when frontman Chad Kroeger developed a vocal cord cyst that required surgery and a lengthy recovery. That occurrence has led Nickelback to run into some issues with their insurance company, Lloyd's of London, over the payment of losses for having to cancel the remainder of the run.

The group filed a $13 million claim with Lloyd's of London to cover the losses from the run, but the company challenged the claim last fall, stating that frontman Chad Kroeger had a pre-existing condition that was not disclosed at the time the policy was drawn up. Lloyd's went to court, asking for a judge to declare the policy void as a result.

Now, according to TMZ, Nickelback have filed a suit of their own against Lloyd's of London. In their suit, they claim that the company is making up stories so it doesn't have to pay up the millions for the cancellation of the trek. The band's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, stated that it was absurd that Kroeger had a "pre-existing" condition given the fact that the singer performed nearly 40 shows on the run before the cyst surfaced. He added that Lloyd's of London have acted in "bad faith," and is seeking punitive damages.

Nickelback dropped off their touring in June, with hopes that Kroeger could return at some point in the back portion of the run. “I am sorry I have to interrupt the party this summer and I am definitely not thrilled with the prospect of being silent for many weeks to come when I could be out there playing for our fans," said Kroeger at the time. "I am relying on my doctor and his team to help get my voice back in good form as quickly as possible." Later in the summer, the band canceled out the remainder of their touring when it was revealed that Kroeger would need additional recovery time.

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