A handful of rock songs have gone viral throughout 2022 thanks to TikTok. While most of them were related to the show Stranger ThingsNickelback's "She Keeps Me Up" is now on the rise, and it's thanks to... thirst trap videos.

Listen, nothing against thirst traps. Flaunt what your mama gave you, right?

This isn't a joke, though, and Nickelback have caught wind of the video trend themselves.

"Thanks for all the love for 'She Keeps Me Up.' That one was pretty unexpected," they wrote in a tweet. The video clips featured in their post show four women standing around in pajamas and lounge clothes, and they flip their hair to reveal new outfits just as the chorus starts with "Funky little monkey / She's a twisted trickster."

See it below. To check out more, search "Nickelback She Keeps Me Up" on TikTok and then hit Videos.

"She Keeps Me Up" is a track from Nickelback's 2014 album No Fixed Address, and its infectious rhythm is the perfect soundtrack for dancing. So if you watch some of these, don't blame us if it gets stuck in your head.

TikTok is to thank — or to blame — for a lot of songs gaining momentum lately. As previously mentioned, Stranger Things seemed to play the biggest part, as was the case with Metallica's "Master of Puppets." Later in the summer, Ghost's "Mary on a Cross" went viral too, although it wasn't in the show. Someone made a Stranger Things-related video with the track playing in the background, and — after the song was used many, many times — it ended up earning them their first entry on Billboard's Hot 100 Songs chart.

Perhaps Nickelback would prefer their latest songs "San Quentin" and "Those Days" receive the same treatment, but they seem to appreciate the affection nonetheless. Their upcoming album Get Rollin' will be out Nov. 18 through BMG, and can be pre-ordered here now.

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