Motley Crue may no longer be a performing band, but the name will live on forever and the band is far from done delivering material to their fans. Nikki Sixx promises, "There's going to be Motley in your life for a long time."

The bassist appeared on One on One With Mitch Lafon, discussing the new Sixx: A.M. album Prayers for the Damned as well as touching on some elements of Motley Crue's future. "We have a live DVD of our last performance ever that we've just finished mixing. It looks fantastic. It was a great show," Sixx stated, adding, "We have a legacy that needs to be curated. We have vintage merchandise... We plan on obviously staying engaged with our fans. It's not like we're simply going to disappear. The Motley Crue movie will come out."

Earlier in the year, Sixx opened up about the internal discourse between the Crue members, stating, “It’s interesting, because we talk about each other in a way that’s endearing – but not. We say where we’re really at. We talk about the drama and the pain of being in a band that has ceased to run on creativity, just on pure, mechanical motions.”

The final Motley Crue performance came on New Year's Eve of 2015. Dubbed 'Crue Year's Eve,' the glam legends put a finishing touch on their career in Los Angeles, back where it all started. Sixx gave an impassioned speech during the show where singer Vince Neil was also seen with tears streaking down his face. Tommy Lee's 'Cruecifly' drum stunt saw the stickman get stuck upside down, making for an even more memorable night.

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