Nova Twins are back with a new single called "Antagonist," and it might be the English rock duo's most aggressive song yet. Anchored by a meaty guitar riff, the tune is drenched in thick distortion that amplifies the song's lyrical focus on overcoming obstacles.

Taking it up a notch seems to have been a natural consequence of downtime related to the COVID-19 pandemic for Nova Twins. Like other sidelined act, they had to hunker down and work together remotely for much of the past two years. However, the Twins (guitarist-vocalist Amy Love and bassist-vocalist Georgia South) recently got back together — physically — and they channeled that reunited energy into "Antagonist."

Listen to the new song down and read its lyrics down toward the bottom of this post.

In a statement that emerged at the time the song's Thursday release, Nova Twins said "Antagonist" is a "defiant tune about self-belief, how you can summon the inner strength to be ready for whatever comes at you."

They continued, "It's the army that surrounds you wherever you go. The entire song was pulled together during a jam session. Having spent all of lockdown writing tracks remotely over computers, it was really exciting to capture this spontaneous energy together in the studio, as well as the nuances coming from our boards. We made sure not to lose any of this magic."

The duo's amped-up rock sound seems to take some cues from the always energetic FEVER 333, whose lead vocalist, Jason Aalon Butler, collaborated with Nova Twins on an urgently spazzy FEVER 333 remix of their original song "Undertaker" earlier this year.

Nova Twins are scheduled to tour Europe in early 2022.

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Nova Twins, "Antagonist" Lyrics

I’m feeling like a riot
If it's a cure to the cause
Then we have to get violent
I’m not into starting fires
Whoever sparked the match
Broke perpetual silence

Thunder and lightning
Hear the sound of the dead choir's roar
Still fighting
No, I’m not frightened
Look me in the face
Say you’ve never met someone like

Someone like
I'm the catalyst
Someone like
Someone like
I'm the catalyst
Someone like

It's a fight that you know that you're gonna loose
I'm a star thrower yeah coming straight for you
Know what I came here for
If it's not love then there's only war
I bet you never met someone like…

I’m feeling like a riot
Feeling like a riot
Got the strength of a titan
I'm made out of iron
In all black attire

Thunder and lightning
I'm your poltergeist, know where you’re fucking hiding
Yeah you should be frightened
Look me in the face, say you’ve never met someone like

I know you never met someone like me bitch
Classic in the flesh no smoke, no mirrors
I'm not your princess, I run with spear heads
I'm not your princess, no frills, I'm fearless

Nova Twins, "Antagonist" Audio

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