Last week, Overkill released their 17th studio album, 'White Devil Armory.' The awesome disc is pure Overkill, and in conjunction with the album's release, we exclusively premiered Part 1 of an inside look into the 'White Devil Armory' recording sessions. Now, we've got the second part of this in-studio footage to share with you all.

It's not every day that you get a peek into bassist D.D. Verni's fairly low-key Gear Recording Studio, but just like you saw in Part 1, this clip showcases the inside of Overkill central. Each band member appears in this video, with even more suggestive action figure-on-action figure groping than before!

Part 2 is a little more in-depth when it comes to the grind of recording. If you've ever been part of a recording session, you know first-hand about the silliness mixed with hard work that occurs while cranking away in a windowless, soundproofed room. Though they may be thrash legends, Overkill are just like the rest of us, as evidenced in this exclusive clip.

Check out the second part of Overkill's 'White Devil Armory' recording sessions in the video above! Also, be sure to grab 'White Devil Armory' at iTunes or Amazon.