The outpouring of support for imprisoned Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been absolutely massive throughout the metal community. As Blythe remains in Czech prison, the two newest supporters of Blythe's release, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, have taken to their Twitter accounts to promote the legal fund of the Lamb of God vocalist.

Sharon tweeted, "Please support former Ozzfest member Randy Blythe from @Lambofgodband. #FreeRandyBlythe," which was subsequently retweeted by Ozzy. The duo also provided a link to Lamb of God's official donation page to pay for what is sure to become a staggering legal bill.

Although Blythe has posted bail of approximately $200,000, he has remained in prison after the Prague State Attorney's Office reportedly filed a complaint on Friday, June 6, against releasing Blythe on bail. According to the Prague Daily Monitor, attorney office spokeswoman Štepánka Zenklová refused to specify the exact nature of the complaint.

"The City Court can either meet the complaint and annul the bail or it can approve the release on bail, and then the Prague attorney would comment on it again," says district court judge Petr Fassati.

Stay tuned for more Randy Blythe news as further developments are unveiled. See the tweets from Ozzy and Sharon below: