The spring doorstop keyboard is a very real thing and its designer, YouTuber Ali Spagnola, even managed to play the iconic opening riff to Ozzy Osbourne's eternal hit, "Crazy Train," on the instrument.

This has every appearance of being a byproduct of pandemic boredom, but, no, Spagnola regularly embraces the quirkiest of challenges, some of them being music related and others not at all. The channel is more the exploration of a fascinating and eccentric mind and transforming an ordinary spring doorstop into a musical instrument is a testament to her creative ambitions.

First, get a look of the finished product so you know just what we're talking about by a "spring doorstop keyboard" before we go any further and delve into its uses and how it was constructed.

Ali Spagnola's Spring Doorstop Keyboard

In the clip below, she snaps her fingers and pounds the ground with her fist to maintain the beat while she uses her other hand to tap each spring doorstop to replicate Randy Rhoads' familiar guitar intro.

The process behind this was quite intricate, as outlined in the YouTube video at the bottom of the page where Spagnola takes viewers through a step-by-step construction process along with a little bit of trickery.

As you may have suspected, spring doorstops are not available to purchase, sorted by the musical notes they produce. To replicate something more recognizable as actual music, she recorded the sound of the spring and transposed it to a keyboard, using her computer.

From there, she was able to create a wide range of notes with the spring sound that resonates after the doorstop is struck by using a keyboard adapter. This allows Spagnola to later hook this up to her baby grand piano while still using the doorstop sounds.

At the end of the video, the YouTuber shows off the finished product by playing "Crazy Train." So, while the keyboard may not be a fully-functioning independent musical instrument, it still entailed loads of creativity to get anything recognizable as music out of an ordinary household item that prevents doorknobs from making holes in walls of sheetrock.

Ali Spagnola Plays Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" on Spring Doorstop Keyboard

For more videos, head to Ali Spagnola's YouTube channel.

Ali Spagnola Makes a Spring Doorstop Keyboard

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