For the past few years, the return of P.O.D. was up in the air. Burned out by the industry and wanting to spend time with their families, the band took an indefinite hiatus. Now, much to the pleasure of fans around the globe, P.O.D. are set to return with 'Murdered Love,' their first disc in four years.

With the first single ‘Lost in Forever’ already making quite an impact, Loudwire is offering the premiere of the lyric video for the title track ‘Murdered Love’ below. We caught up with frontman Sonny Sandoval, who gave us a firsthand account of how the pieces of the song fell into place.

“[Guitarist] Marcos [Curiel] had this idea about the day that they murdered love and it was taken from that thought of the scene of the crucifixion,” explains Sandoval. “In the bible, it says the sky went black and the ground split open and we were thinking about that moment. About how the people felt and being so desperate, all their hope is gone, believing that in this one instant it’s over and not really seeing the future side of it or the plan of the whole thing.”

He adds, “[Marcos] wrote a riff, it was eerie and it was dark and it was just cool. For me, when I wrote the lyrics, it’s more about murdering this thing we call love. If you look inside of the lyrics, it’s got all the synonyms for murder -- whether it’s to butcher or to assassinate -- all these crazy artistic words, but ultimately you’re talking about love and god basically.”

Sandoval concludes, "It’s open to anything ... like Dr. Martin Luther King to JFK., all these guys that represent a hope and a change, and then they were murdered just like that. Now you’re just waiting for the after effect of all that they lived and what they were about to take place or does it just die with one idiot and one bullet? Is our hope gone or do we continue to live this message of hope and love.”

Check out the exclusive lyric video below and pre-order your copy of 'Murdered Love' here. P.O.D. will be headlining the second stage of the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival kicking off in August. Stay tuned for our full interview with singer Sonny Sandoval.

P.O.D., ‘Murdered Love' – Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere

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