With the Aug. 21 release of their latest album The Awakening just over a week away, P.O.D. have unveiled the video for "This Goes Out to You."  The clip for the anthemic track features the band performing live interspersed with Southern California culture, like skateparks, low rider cars, barbecues and beaches. Included in the clip are San Diego's own Cholo Goth duo Prayers, Roller Derby darlings the San Diego Derby Dolls, dancer Hob.e, Prime Time Myles and Jason Sensation, as well as vintage cars from various local San Diego car clubs.

P.O.D. have already released a couple of other songs from the album, including "Speed Demon" and "Criminal Conversations" that features In This Moment‘s Maria Brink.

Frontman Sonny Sandoval talked about the new album in a recent interview with Loudwire. "I think what we’ve done, it’s such a collection of songs that not everybody gets," Sandoval says. "Some bands sound like one song the whole album through. We’ve been all over the place because we are punk, hardcore, rock ‘n’ roll, metal, reggae and I think sometimes it might be too much diversity and kids are lost."

Sandoval continues, "It’s too big of a buffet for them to go for and they want three chords sometimes. We’re never going to do that. We’re putting something together that tells a story. Maybe it’s just for us, maybe it’s not for your average listener but it’s something we’re having a lot of fun doing. We’re excited."

The band has a few August and September West Coast shows lined up, beginning Aug. 20 in Los Angeles. For a complete list of their concerts, go here.

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