P.O.D. are inching closer to a new album and they've unveiled another new song from The Awakening. But it's not just any song, as the band welcomed In This Moment's Maria Brink to guest on "Criminal Conversations" and she definitely brings some intensity to the song.

The cut kicks off with a moody opening, eventually giving way to a heavier ebbing chorus. The song picks up in intensity once Brink adds her recognizable vocals to that of frontman Sonny Sandoval, serving as the perfect blend to provide the mood needed for the track.

In the "making of" interview about the track below, Sandoval reveals that the band first met In This Moment a few years back on the Uproar Tour and they sparked up a friendship. According to the vocalist, the idea of collaborating was broached and Brink expressed her interest, but they just needed the right song before proceeding. With the track "Criminal Conversations," which plays into the conceptual nature of The Awakening, a female voice was needed.

"The idea of 'Criminal Conversations' and the storyline once again is an intimate relationship that this character has, but maybe not a good one," says Sandoval. "But [Maria] is not only in the song, she plays a character in the storyline. And I sent her the track, she listened to it, love it and they happened to be on tour at the time and they were coming here to shoot a video, so it lined up just perfectly that she was able to come in one night and just do her thing."

Look for "Criminal Conversations" on The Awakening, which is due Aug. 21. You can pre-order the disc, which also features the tracks "This Goes Out to You" and "Speed Demon," via iTunes and Amazon. Look for the band on the road promoting the album at these locations.

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