As is standard for most rock bands, there's a lot of downtime before you hit the stage. But recently Papa Roach found a good use for the time offstage, deciding the break in one of the new items in their merch store -- the Papa Roach football jersey.

As can be seen in the video above, Jacoby Shaddix gets suited up for the gridiron, complete with helmet and the brand new Papa Roach football jersey that's available for purchase. Tobin Esperance shows that not only is he a standout bassist, he's also got a pretty good throwing arm as he hits Shaddix in stride as the singer turns on the jets heading for the end zone at the University of Montana Grizzlies stadium. The band took advantage of the opportunity while performing at the university with Five Finger Death Punch on their current tour.

In a description of the item at the band's merch site, it reads: "We are proud to present you with the first official TEAM ROACH football jersey. This jersey was meticulously designed and created to the dimensions of a pro-football jersey, so that you can rock the Roach with style and hometown pride. The No. 93 on the front and back symbolizes the year Papa Roach was formed, and the side panels are downright infested with the infamous roach logo. Made out of 100% Polyester." If you're interested in picking one up, you can do so for $90 at the band's merch site.

As stated, Papa Roach are on tour with Five Finger Death Punch this fall. Dates for their run can be found at this location.

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