It was a less than amicable parting of the ways, but after three years away singer Jim Lindberg is rejoining Pennywise. Lindberg and guitarist Fletcher Dragge appeared on KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show in Los Angeles to make the announcement and revealed that the reunion will finally follow through when they take the stage at a January performance.

Dragge explained, "We're happy to announce that Jim is rejoining Pennywise and we're all looking forward to playing music together again. We're going to celebrate our reunion with a show at the Hollywood Palladium, Jan. 18, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pennywise for our friends and fans in L.A."

Lindberg admitted that being back with the band was somewhat of a surprise, and he joked, "[I feel like] someone who took an Ambien [and] has found themselves down by the lake and they don't know how they got there."

Dragge revealed that the first step in the reunion came about after "a little self introspection," and that he called Lindberg while he was at a bachelor party. Lindberg said he had erased Dragge's number, thinking he'd never hear from him again as he'd repeatedly called following his initial exit only to have Dragge not answer or return any of his messages.

Meanwhile, it appears as though things have worked out all around for the singer switch. Zoli Teglas, who joined the group after Lindberg's exit and sang on the band's 'All or Nothing' album, had back surgery earlier this year, which has kept the band off the road. His recovery has taken longer than expected, and according to both Lindberg and Dragge, the vocalist let it be known he was ready to exit. "He's actually happy. He's happy to get the hell out of here," says Dragge. "Jim told me he was calling and saying, 'Hurry up and come back man.'"

For now, Pennywise just has the 25th anniversary show at the Hollywood Palladium on their schedule. Tickets for the Jan. 18 performance go on sale via Live Nation this Friday (Nov. 2) at noon here.

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