California rock act Pierce the Veil are set to released their third studio album, 'Collide With the Sky,' tomorrow (July 17), and Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the album track 'I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket.'

The title for 'I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket' is taken from a memorable quote from the movie 'Wayne's World 2.' Although the title pays tribute to the film, it doesn't portray a similar feel than that of the light-hearted comedy. The track showcases dark lyrics such as, 'No, no more eyes to see the sun / You slide into bed while I get drunk / Slow conversations with a gun / Meaning more than I've ever said to anyone."

The track also delves into some relationship issues, portraying a scene perfectly fitting for an MTV reality show. "Last night, you said you ended up in Palm Springs dancing on tables / Almost fought some b-tch at the club / Got kicked out of your hotel and lost your shoes / Well, f--- what, am I supposed to be impressed? / You're just another set of bones to lay to rest / I guess it’s time to say goodnight, I hope you had a really good time."

Musically, the track is tight and radio-friendly, with a lot of interesting melodic drones in the background, and will surely be embraced by Pierce the Veil fans.

Pierce the Veil are currently rocking out on this summer's Warped Tour. Check out the premiere of the new track 'I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket' in the player below.

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Pierce the Veil, 'I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket'