This weekend, Loudwire Radio host Mike 'Sandman' Sanders welcomes Pop Evil singer Leigh Kakaty to the show. Kakaty talks about the band's video trilogy, which most recently saw the premiere of the clip for 'Deal With the Devil.' He also discusses the band's latest album 'Onyx,' touring, baseball and more. Tune in this weekend to catch Leigh Kakaty on Loudwire Radio. In the meantime, check out the interview below:

A very special guest on Loudwire this week, it is Leigh, the lead vocalist from Pop Evil. He’s been on the show a few times and, man, you’re always welcome. Thank you for calling in today.

Man, it’s good to be back on. Thanks for having me.

‘Onyx’ is the band's latest album; it came out in May. It already spawned a number one Loudwire track in 'Trenches' -- No. 1 for, like, five weeks in a row. You’ve got to feel good about the success of this album, man.

Man, we’ve been stoked. Just trying to get better here constantly, more productive, more driven in what our goals are as a unit and as a team and ‘Onyx’ has just been that next chapter for us. Just to see the growth of 'Trenches' and to now be on 'Deal with the Devil,' it’s exciting, man. It’s a different turf for Pop Evil, that’s for sure.

Fantastic, man. You guys are definitely in the right direction. I want to talk about 'Deal with the Devil,' not only the next single but its part of a video trilogy that we’ve talked about on I wanted to hear a little more from you about the concept. 'Trenches' was the third installment and you guys are going backwards, and 'Deal with the Devil' is the next installment in that trilogy. Can you kind of explain to the Loudwire audience the concept behind the trilogy?

We wanted to do something a little different. In this day and age, music videos are such an interesting art form and we wanted to do something and put a more positive twist to a visual display of our art. With 'Trenches,' obviously, with doing the trilogy we wanted to start off in reverse and make people think, make our fans think, [rather] than just putting up the typical video of us playing our instruments and then everyone ... that's just a safe way to do it. We wanted to challenge our fan base and 'Trenches' kind of shows the obstacle of what a lot of our fans deal with.

I think as you tour more you get more in touch and more in tune with what your fans are dealing with and you want to tackle some certain issues that are a little dangerous, that are uncomfortable for people. And the only way to really help people musically—that’s always been our goal—is to take a positive spin on life and to help people through musically. And I think, with the video getting to the second installment, which is 'Deal with the Devil,' which is a more darker approach, and you’re dealing with substance abuse and it’s a very sensitive issue and it’s something that is very realistic and to try and sugar coat it and to try and be safe about it is no way to approach it. We want to challenge people that deal with such issues as addiction and abuse that there is a way out, and if it’s something that starts simply with music then that’s the start. But it’s about getting the conviction inside, internally with yourself to say, "Hey, I am looking at the mirror and ... there’s something positive looking back at me and I need to find that out.”

And, you know, that’s kind of been us in some ways, dealing with our demons and dealing with these issues of being away from home since ’07, when we signed our deal. We’re constantly growing, we’re constantly running as people, and that’s something we wanted to challenge ourselves as a band, but also send a message to our fans that we’re trying to be more serious about what we’re doing here, to take on stronger issues that can hopefully help others at the end of the day.

Now, obviously there will be a third installment which will be the first, really, like a prequel to the other two videos that’s coming too, right?

Yep, we’ll get that going and then we’ll have to do something special where you can see all three of them together so people can really get the true story.

That’s fantastic. And the video for 'Deal with the Devil' is playing now at Tell me a little bit more about the tour and what is coming up in the next month or two.

Well, the tour has been nonstop. It’s exciting to see the Pop Evil fan base growing every day. It’s definitely increasing and there’s a definite energy and excitement in the air at Pop Evil shows now more than ever; so that’s definitely a positive thing. We’re just going to take a little pause here for a week, get a week off, catch us some football, refuel, and then we start in October here strong, with Papa Roach. So, we’re really excited about that. We’re going to do some Canadian dates as well, in there, in that run, and just keep touring until the holiday and hopefully next year we’ll start planning to get overseas at some point next year, as well.

So, Pop Evil is a Michigan based band. I know you’re a Detroit Lions fan; any predictions on the season for your team this year?

Yeah, Super Bowl champs, baby.

I love it! Ha-ha!

Ha-ha, nah, I’m just hoping for a good season, man. I think, being a Lions fan, we’ve taken our punishment since I’ve been a little boy. But, it’s part of just growing up and being proud of where you come from, supporting that team and your colors, and it’s exciting, man. I mean, even if we have a losing season we’ve have a great pre-season so far, 3 and 1 in the pre-season, and that’s what people are looking forward to right now when you’re a Lions fan. So, we’ll see, we’ll see. I’m always hopeful. I’m always wishful thinking. Super Bowl, maybe before I die.

Dude, I can relate. I’m a Cubs fan, so…

There you go! I’m a Cubs fan, as well.

Are you?

I’m a Tigers fan first, but you always have that team that you don’t know why you like but you just do and I think it’s just the ambiance of Wrigley Field. I’ve always been a fan of some degree of the Cubs. I think they’re kind of like the Yankees in a way. There’s always people that like the Yankees, not necessarily me. There’s just something special about the Cubs and they’re just one of America’s teams. So, I definitely feel you. I was actually looking at the standings today. I don’t really pay attention until October and I was like, "Where are my Cubs at?” Oh boy, oh boy. Not a good season. But the Tigers are in first, so I’m happy about that.

Yeah, Tigers are killing it. Maybe someday I will see you on TV singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' during the seventh inning stretch at Wrigley Field.

That would be something else. I’ve done it at Comerica Park for the Tigers, but the Cubs would be the next step. That’s the big one.

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