Pop Evil have recorded a tune called 'In the Big House' that they hope will become a modern-day fight song for the Michigan Wolverines' football team. The band has even created a teaser video for the track with footage of the Big 10 college team's highlights.

The rock act hails from Muskegon, Mich., and are big fans of the University of Michigan team. "We wrote this to pay tribute to the team," says Pop Evil guitarist Tony Greve. "Hopefully the school picks it up and uses it as their fight song!"

Greve adds, "We got an opportunity to record this song for Michigan and we were ecstatic about it. This is a whole new avenue for our band, yet we're just doing what we do."

'In the Big House' will be released on Aug. 30 via iTunes. The teaser video for the track can be seen below.

Pop Evil, meanwhile, will tour with 3 Doors Down and Theory of a Deadman this fall. Click here for dates.

Watch the Teaser Video for Pop Evil's 'In the Big House'