Poppy's electro-pop-gone-metal is rife with explosive, cinematic theatrics, which is sometimes comparable to styles present in video game soundtracks. It's only fitting that the singer has now covered the theme song from the Pokemon animated TV series, an extension of the popular video game franchise.

First introduced in Japan in 1996, the Pokemon video game and its satellites of TV series, films, offshoot video games, merchandise and more has been a feature element of growing up as a child for many over the last nearly quarter century. Still popular among all age groups, Poppy's blissful take on the classic theme is an immediate injection of nostalgia and will have you feeling 10-years-old again, whether you were born 20 years ago or just five years ago.

The original Pokemon theme song is an adrenaline-rush with take-flight refrains and arena-level dynamics. Here, Poppy keeps it a bit more restrained with relaxed beats and hushed passages, but retains some of the more bombastic elements as to not completely overhaul the song.

There's already Pokemon who look like members of KISS, but will we ever get one in the likeness of Poppy? Listen to the cover below and let's hope so.

The singer, who released the I Disagree album earlier this year appeared live at the NXT Takeover wrestling event in Portland, Oregon in February. Watch that here.

Poppy Covers Pokemon Theme Song

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