Poppy has been one of the most intriguing artists to arrive in the metal community. Her album I Disagree came out in January of this year on Sumerian Records, which was her first on the label. The expanded version of the album, I Disagree (More) is out today, and it includes three new songs.

In addition to the recently released "Khaos x4," the new set also includes the tracks "If It Bleeds," "Bleep Bloop" and "Don't Ask." Just like the rest of I Disagree, there's no true way to describe the sound of the songs, so you'll just have to listen to them below the album details to see for yourself.

"In terms of doing what I wanted to in every element from start-to-finish, this feels like my first album," the musician explained in a press release. "The narrative is really about destroying the things that try to destroy you.”

After the cancelation of her highly anticipated summer tour with Deftones and Gojira, the new songs come just in time to deliver 2020 with some more "post-genre" bliss from Poppy. Fortunately, the dates have been rescheduled for 2021, so it's only a matter of time before she can mesmerize us onstage again.

Poppy I Disagree (More) Album Art + Track List

Sumerian Records
Sumerian Records

1. Concrete
2. I Disagree
3. Bloodmoney
4. Anything Like Me
5. Fill the Crown
6. Nothing I Need
7. Sit / Stay
8. Bite Your Teeth
9. Sick of the Sun
10. Don't Go Outside
11. If It Bleeds
12. Bleep Bloop
13. Khaos x4
14. Don't Ask

Poppy - "If It Bleeds"

Poppy - "Bleep Bloop"

Poppy - "Don't Ask"

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