When we last visited Queens of the Stone Age, they were continuing their animated video series with a brutal bar brawler meeting his maker via an on-speeding vehicle in the 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' clip. Moving forward, the focus now shifts to the driver of the car for the 'If I Had a Tail' video (seen above) and the series closes out with the promo for the current single 'My God Is the Sun' (seen below).

In the brutal 'If I Had a Tail' clip, the camera reveals the driver behind the wheel of a Firebird Trans-Am stained with blood from the recent incident. The driver appears to be a bounty hunter, hidden behind a helmet that reads 'Burn It All Down' and etching a notch on the dashboard to signify another kill.

As the driver rolls through a rough part of town, a tail begins to follow them and it's revealed to be a reaper-like character inching closer on a motorcycle. A dangerous drag race and pursuit ensues, and much like some of the other videos in the Queens of the Stone Age series, a deathly end appears imminent.

However, as the 'My God Is the Sun' video begins, we see something emerging from the ground of the fiery crash, inching closer to the sky. As this happens, there are signs of movement from each of the characters presumed dead from all of the videos. And when the rising deity reaches its zenith in the sky, we learn of its ultimate plan.

'If I Had a Tail' and 'My God Is the Sun' follow the band's videos for 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled,' 'Kalopsia' and 'I Appear Missing.' All of the songs are featured on the upcoming '… Like Clockwork' album. The disc is due June 4 and can be pre-ordered via iTunes.