Ratt bassist Juan Croucier affirmed the inevitability of future tunes from the hair metal staple in a radio appearance Tuesday (June 25) that included his bandmate, singer Stephen Pearcy, along with guest John 5 and host Eddie Trunk. Ratt haven't released a studio album since 2010's Infestation.

But during the recent interview on Sirius XM's Trunk Nation L.A. Invasion: Live from the Rainbow Bar and Grill that was transcribed by Blabbermouth, the musician said new Ratt music is bound to happen sometime.

"It's natural for us to, obviously, record," Croucier offered. "But [the current version of Ratt has] only been together just about a year next month. And at that, we had a little bit of lag time, 'cause Stephen had to get his knee fixed. So we just wanna get the band out there. I think it's a mutual thing — we wanna get out there and play more shows, get the band in the right condition. And inevitably we're gonna go ahead and record."

In May, Pearcy revealed that the rockers plan on dropping new material in 2020, which would make it a full decade since their last release. On Trunk Nation Tuesday, the singer echoed Croucier's optimism.

"Yeah, we wanna play new music," Pearcy added. "Whether we release a song or two, and maybe we'll do a video or some podcast. We're gonna do something."

The long delay in releases has seen a battle between members for rights to the Ratt name along with lineup changes that included the departure of guitarist Warren DeMartini. Last year, Pearcy publicly apologized for his erratic onstage behavior during a performance in Huntington, New York. Going forward, however, the frontman confirmed to Sleaze Roxx earlier this year that he and Croucier will be the sole songwriters of all future Ratt songs.

"It’s going to be Juan and myself," Pearcy replied when asked which members will take part in composing. "You know, 'Lack of Communication,' 'You’re in Love' and all these other songs that we co-wrote together — so we’re going to try along those veins for songwriting. And we’ll see what happens. I have plenty of ideas. Juan‘s got plenty of ideas and we’ll see what the other guys have to offer down the line."

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