HO. LEE. CRAP. Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson have just unveiled a cover of the iconic Beatles track “Helter Skelter.” Manson and Zombie switch off on vocal duties throughout the song, delivering horror-centric and crazy distorted lines from the notorious cut that’ll forever be connected to Charles Manson.

Beginning tonight (July 11) the tour nobody thought would ever happen again kicks off in Detroit, at the exact venue where Zombie and Manson famously hurled insults at each other onstage at the original Twins of Evil tour in 2012. However, Zombie and Manson have mended fences since then, and are teaming up again for a co-headlining tour that cannot be missed. To celebrate the event with style, Marilyn and Rob decided to collaborate, and “Helter Skelter” seemed too perfect to pass up.

“We got together a month or so ago to do some interviews, start vibing on the tour,” Zombie told Loudwire during an exclusive interview. “I went home that night and thought, ‘God damn, ‘Helter Skelter.’ It’s so fucking obvious!’”

Zombie continues, “I did my [vocals] on the east coast, then flew to the west coast and recorded my guys, because it’s all my band. I think he was in Madrid by that point, so I sent him the track and he did his vocals there. I think it works great. I’ll sing half a verse, he’ll sing the other half, we’ll do the choruses together and I think the vocals mix well together. We just wanted to make it denser and darker. John [5] always adds lots of flair, it’s exciting when you hear him go into it.”

“If [Manson] is going to come on and do a song [with me] I want it to be together. Having a song we recorded together, and then we do that, is cool. I’m not into just jamming and then it’s all sloppy and loose, I want it to be together. Now that we have the song together that’s really cool and we can do that live, that’s gonna kick ass. Now people can look forward to it, because they’ll have heard the song and they’ll go, ‘Hopefully they’ll do ‘Helter Skelter’ tonight.’ I don’t know if we’ll do it every night, but we might.”

Check out Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s killer cover of “Helter Skelter” in the clip above and click here for the duo’s entire Twins of Evil II tour schedule.

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