Saliva are back! After undergoing a singer switch with Bobby Amaru entering the group, the band is receiving positive early praise for their new album, 'Rise Up,' which just dropped this week. 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie recently spoke with Saliva drummer Paul Crosby about the revived energy in the band, their 'Rise Up' album and what the addition of Amaru has meant to the group. Check out Full Metal Jackie's chat with Saliva's Paul Crosby below:

Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie. On the show with us, the drummer for Saliva Paul Crosby. What's going on, Paul?

Oh just living the dream one parking lot at a time. How you doing?

[Laughs] Doing great. A lot of excitement around an upcoming Saliva record. You're back, there's a new album called 'Rise Up.' What are the key elements of the Saliva sound that needed to be heard on 'Rise Up.' What do you like most about the way Bobby Amaru's style fits those elements?

Well, honestly, with this record we took a totally different approach. We went back to our first couple of records we ever put out and you know we all wrote together in a rehearsal room writing, just everybody contributing. And then as the years went by we started going to, you know, we started moving away from each other. Then we started moving down to Memphis and all that so we started kind of a lot more writing individually and then people would write their own songs and then we'd get together and we'd pick the best ones.

Well this approach we actually went back to the original idea where we all just got in a room together and locked ourselves in there for a couple weeks and just wrote wrote wrote. And we honestly … we really didn't have an agenda as far okay well we need to sound like this we need to sound like that. It actually … I mean there's a lot of elements on this record that sound like you know an original old school Saliva, the first couple records Saliva. And there's you know … then there's some newer sounding stuff but it really all came from going back to the old school way of us all just being in a room together. And it just kind of came out the way it did and it happened to work. It happened to be a lot of old school Saliva sound on there so like I said we didn't really have an agenda on what we wanted, what we needed to sound like.

It's just I think getting back in a room together as Saliva it just made it. It kind of just came out like that and as far Bobby … what Bobby brings to it. Man it's like Saliva version 2.0. It's just injected of just that old energy that had kind of faded away from us for the last few records. It just pumped it right back in there so we're pretty stoked.

Paul, and you and singer Josey Scott had a big hand in so much of the Saliva catalog. Picking Bobby to join the band, was his ability to write songs just as much of a factor as his voice?

Oh absolutely, absolutely. Actually when I first … I'm actually the one that found Bobby when we decided to hey man maybe we should like at least make an attempt at finding a replacement singer and moving on. Well you know after I got in contact with Bobby, I had him send us over some stuff that he … Bobby is a producer as well, he is a recording engineer. He's a producer. He's produced other records and he's a great songwriter so I had him send two songs that he had written and just demoed himself. And before we even met face-to-face and we heard his catalog of stuff that he had written. And it was like, "Whoa this kid is really good," so yeah that was a big factor. We needed somebody who could actually, you know, we all do the writing like collectively so we needed somebody that could be a part of that team, as well.

Paul, what is different about the onstage dynamics of the band since Bobby joined?

Man well obviously Bobby is a you know a younger...a little younger than the rest of us. It's high energy. I don't know it's brought the youthfulness back in the band. It's brought the energy back out that last couple of years. It just seems the energy level, I don't know exactly how to describe it. It's nothing bad about Josey or anything but it's just the energy level was gone and just having this younger guy in the band has really just lit a fire up under our butts man. It's a whole new beast now.

See Saliva on the road now and pick up the latest record, 'Rise Up.' Paul, I appreciate you being on the show tonight. Thank you.

Thank you so much. It was a pleasure.

Our thanks to Saliva's Paul Crosby for the interview. You can order Saliva's 'Rise Up' via iTunes and Amazon. You can listen to ‘Loudwire Nights’ with host Full Metal Jackie Monday through Friday at 7PM through Midnight on more than 20 stations across America. To find out where you can hear ‘Loudwire Nights,’ click here.