Having a public persona often provides artists a platform to share their views, but it doesn't mean that it won't come without opposition. So when one musician, Staind's Aaron Lewis, used the concert stage to lead a "Fuck Joe Biden" chant in the president's birthplace and later blamed Democrats for "every fucking scar on this country," a rebuttal recently came from Sebastian Bach, who served up an F-bomb response right back.

"I just think for any meathead, ignorant musician that wants to get their crowd chanting, 'Fuck Joe Biden,' okay, anybody who wants to do that, I can say, 'Fuck you and your band, and fuck the guy that came before Joe Biden,' [who] I don't need to speak about anymore," stated Bach to Ultimate Classic Rock while not directly mentioning Lewis or former President Trump.

He then went on to defend the current president stating, "Joe Biden is an old man who has nothing but good intentions for the country, and there's nothing to not like about him. He's trying his hardest to get us back to normal, instead of the shit show that took away rock 'n' roll from us in 2020, and our kids' school, and everything that we know about America. Joe Biden has made America great again, and he's constantly under attack for no reason."

While Bach was vocal about his desire to see new leadership in the U.S. during the last election, he told UCR that he was not necessarily interested in fanning the political flames. "As soon as Joe Biden was elected president, I never mentioned the other guy ever again," he explained. "If you look at my Twitter, I flicked the switch. I go, 'I'm fucking done with that shit.' Because that's not who I am. I'm not out to be having political headlines with my face next to them all the time. But when you hit [science deniers] with hardcore shit like 'two plus two equals four,' those are fighting words to some people. If you hit 'em with shit like math, look out — you're crossing a line, man."

Rather, Bach would prefer to use his social media to promote the need to get vaccinated as the country continues to battle COVID-19 and the Delta variant. "I was stuck in my house [this summer after contracting COVID], and I had to get the fuck out of my house, I was like, 'What can I do to get out of my house?' I was like, 'Holy shit, I have a half a million people that follow me here on Twitter, and that's quite a big amount of people,'" says the singer.

Bach has since been able to return to the road, but remains vigilant in adhering to COVID safety protocols. "I actually do listen to what doctors say," he explains. "I check the news every morning, and lately, the news has been that the COVID cases seem to be going down, and we might actually be turning a corner in the fight to get back to normal. And if it keeps going like that, we're on tour at a really good time."

Bach is currently on the road with support from Kaleido in what remains a lengthy fall tour that will conclude on Dec. 17 in San Diego. Check here for tour stops and ticketing information.

Sebastian Bach Speaks With Ultimate Classic Rock

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