Sebastian Bach was the first competitor to get booted from 'Sing Your Face Off,' despite doing a solid impersonation of Queen's Freddie Mercury (as seen in the video below) in his final competitive performance. But as we've learned on many a singing competition, the favorites are brought back on the final show.

In this case, the eliminated Bach and actor/comedian Jon Lovitz returned to the 'Sing My Face Off' stage, collaborating on a performance as LMFAO's Sky Blu and Redfoo taking on the pop hit 'I'm Sexy and I Know It.' To say the least, it was neither performer's finest moment, though it did elicit some laughs.

Lovitz stumbled a bit through his verses, while Bach decided to deliver his vocals in full scream, but he definitely owned the stage during the set. But when both Bach and Lovitz struggled to get their pants off as part of the routine, it got some of the biggest laughs and cheers of the evening with judge Carmen Electra hopping out of her seat to get a closer look.

During his time on the ABC show, Bach performed as Adam LevineLady Gaga and Willie Nelson, and you can also check out his best Freddie Mercury below. With the series now complete, look for Bach returning to the concert circuit to support his 'Give 'Em Hell' album.

Watch Sebastian Bach as Queen's Freddie Mercury on 'Sing Your Face Off'