The always outgoing Sebastian Bach had some fun over the weekend, turning up to play with Camp Freddy in Charlotte before the Democratic National Convention. Joining the all-star jam band, Bach used the platform to throw a couple of jabs at Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.


According to the Washington Examiner, Bach brought up the fact that Ryan stated his "playlist starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin," to which the singer remarked, "That means it stops at the letter L. I guess he doesn't like Motley Crue. I guess he doesn't like Minnie Riperton. He doesn't have any Melissa Manchester on his [f----ing] iPod." In between his covers, Bach rallied the audience, asking, "Do you like Led Zeppelin more than Paul Ryan?"

Camp Freddy proved to be an equal opportunity band, performing at the Republican National Convention a week earlier.

In other Sebastian Bach news, the singer took the opportunity to address the absence of guitarist Nick Sterling while appearing on the Hangar 19 radio show. Bach says the trouble began when they filmed a live television broadcast, and Sterling refused to sign a release for it, meaning the band couldn't film the show.

Bach explained, "It's very sad, 'cause I love playing with Nick, but he has people around him. He's very young — he just turned 22. And he's a prodigious guitar player; he's incredible. But … he's 22. [laughs] Did I mention that? He just hasn't done this [for very long]… I love the guy. It's very hard for me to talk about. All I can say is that he didn't sign the release, so we couldn't shoot the broadcast with him, and that made me really mad, because a lot of work went into the preparation and the planning and the execution of a live broadcast across America. And to let all those people down — the cameramen, the soundmen and the TV station and the fans and the band and the management — that just makes me crazy. I mean, nobody's trying to steal anything from him. I'm not sitting behind the scenes going, 'Oh, how do I steal from Nick?' I don't give a s---."

Bach says he and Sterling spent about 10 minutes arguing over sync splits within the program and whether it was in the contract or not. The singer laughs, "I have no idea what the f--- a sync split is. And he didn't either. We're sitting there arguing about synch splits, not either of us knowing what we're talking about. How ridiculous is that?"