Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose has been keeping busy with his side project Call Me No One, which also includes fellow Sevendust bandmate Clint Lowery. The duo recently released their debut album ‘Last Parade.’ However, that doesn't mean Sevendust will be taking it easy this year. The band is gearing up to record a new album and hit the road for a number of 2012 tour dates.

In our recent interview with Rose, he dished on Sevendust’s upcoming disc as well as his excitement for this year’s ShipRocked Cruise, which also includes Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, P.O.D., In This Moment and many other bands.

You guys are going into the studio in September; what can fans expect from the new record and how has the process been so far with the new material?

Well we had a few meetings and a few conference calls and we were talking about how to approach the next record and I think that after me and Clint did the Call Me No One record the way that we did where it was very minimal writing done before we got in there – I think we’re gonna do that with the Sevendust record. I think instead of doing a bunch of the writing before we get together and all of a sudden somebody’s got their tune kind of demoed and then it’s, “No, I think I want it that way or don’t do that" and then it's demo-itis so to speak.

So I think we’ll just do it from scratch – I don’t know what it’s gonna be like but I know it’s going to be fresh, there won’t be anything that’s over analyzed. Usually, some of our best material that we have written in the studio that way – I think ‘Home,’ ‘Denial,’ there’s a few songs we’ve written in studio like that. You just go in, nobody has an idea and then all of a sudden it’s just done, ‘Praise’ was done like that. Some of the bigger songs we’ve done were done with the five of us sittin’ in a room and somebody just startin’ to play a riff and everybody running with it so that’s how we’re gonna approach the next record.

I know I’m gonna scream like a banshee on the next record, I don’t know how many more we got left in us - from now on it’s gotta be treated like it’s the last one in my book. I know it’s gonna be real heavy.

You guys are set to play ShipRocked 2012; for anyone that hasn’t gotten a chance to mosh on a boat, how would you describe this experience?

Oh man, I had a blast the last trip. The first trip was good but the weather was crap and this last trip we went to the Bahamas, it was killer. The crowds are awesome, everybody’s extremely respectful for being locked in an area where you really can’t get away.

It’s really cool I mean I would highly recommend it – just to see so many bands, it’s amazing how many bands are actually playing and everybody’s just walkin’ around and everbody’s really cool. Some of the bands – there are so very few that we don’t know personally but there were a few of ‘em that were walking around that were just cool guys. Everybody’s just real chill, the shows are cool, it’s a really good time. We would be happy to do that thing every year.

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