There's no doubt that Shinedown's Brent Smith is a prolific writer, but it appears as though he and his hard-working band have gotten ahead of the game for their next album. Despite releasing 'Amaryllis' earlier this year, Smith reveals to NME that the band has already recorded a new album.

The singer told the Brit-mag in a video interview, "I've thought about new material. It's funny because … and you're actually the very first person I'll tell this too … We've actually, we have another record of material. It's actually recorded."

Speaking about the new music, Smith explained, "It's still very massive. It has a very epic feel to it, but the tempos are a little slower and the subject matter is a little different. I would say it's actually a bit darker -- a little bit more mischievous."

While the next album is ready, there's still plenty of life in 'Amaryllis,' as the group is taking the opportunity to promote it in other parts of the world. The singer revealed, "This was the first true international record we received, and I say received because it really is an honor and it's a gift and a privilege to get an opportunity from your record label to be released internationally, because not every band or every artist gets that opportunity."

The 'Amaryllis' album has already spawned the hit singles 'Bully,' 'Unity' and 'Enemies.'