Shinedown remain one of the hottest bands in rock, with their Threat to Survival album continuing to thrive as the band keeps up a heavy touring pace. During a recent stop at the Rock on the Range festival, Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez had a chance to chat with bassist Eric Bass and got some insight on their current single "Asking for It," while also giving the musician a chance to discuss their two high profile upcoming tours.

While discussing "Asking for It," Bass stated, "It's exactly what it's about -- don't be a dumbass." But on a more serious note, Bass says that "Asking for It" has become one of his favorite tracks off the Threat to Survival album. "I think just the sound of it and it's got a fresh thing to it," says Bass. "I'm a fan of it and it almost wasn't even on our record. We almost didn't record it for the record. How about that? And it ends up being the first track on the record and then a single."

Fans will get plenty of chances to hear "Asking for It" as Shinedown continue to tour with another two major treks lined up. This summer, they'll headline Carnival of Madness in the states, following on the heels of a successful run in Europe. During the trip overseas, Shinedown relinquished the headlining spot on the trek to Black Stone Cherry, who have a larger audience in the UK.

"If you don't live over there you don't know. They are superstars. Girls go crazy over their accents. That super Kentucky southern accent, it's exotic," says Bass with a smile of his longtime friends in Black Stone Cherry. But he admits he's happy to be back headlining, even though it did his soul good to see Black Stone Cherry get the respect they deserve in the UK.

The other trek of note on the band's itinerary is a fall run with Five Finger Death Punch, and while it may initially seem like an odd pairing, that's exactly why it works. "A Five Finger crowd can sometimes be like an Iron Maiden crowd or a KISS crowd -- like they are just there to see their band play and that's it," says Bass, who later added, "The really great thing about it is there are going to be people there who have never seen Shinedown play who are going to leave fans. There are going to be people there who have never seen Five Finger play who are going to become fans, and that's why we do it. We're hopeful to pick up a whole new group of fans that have never experienced a Shinedown show before."

Keep up with Shinedown's touring here and watch the full interview with Eric Bass in the video above.

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